Pitch Shifting?

topic posted Wed, May 12, 2004 - 11:45 PM by  douglas
so you're saying that there's a way to pitch shift in ACID that doesn't stretch the hell out of the audio?

every time i try to pitch shift using the drop down menu of a given track the track just time stretches to achieve the change in pitch which is basically lame and usually unuseable.

how would you pitch shift it and keep the lenghth of the track constant?

thanks for the advice.

and any of you guys and girls ever use fruity pro studio? i love the shit out of fruity loops 3 as a sequencing/beat/loop/song creating tool and i was wondering how the fruity pro studio felt to anyone who's used it.

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    Thu, May 13, 2004 - 11:05 AM
    I hear ya about stretching. I usually bring the sample into Soundforge and do it there. But i'm curious too if there's some ninja trick in Acid.
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      Mon, May 17, 2004 - 2:54 PM
      You are missing a very important feature of ACID.

      Say you want to change the pitch of a track but retain it's length:

      Put a drum beat in and stretch it out over four bars (four reps of the loop.

      Click on the downbeat of bar two and type "S". then click on
      the downbeat of bar three and type "S".

      You have now sliced the track up. go and manually select
      bar two and then hit the "+" and "-" to change the pitch by half steps up and down. The pitch changes and the rhythm remains the same.

      When you pitch down, the track elongates and the program interpolates where to take individual segments out to 'repitch' it.

      When you pitch , the track shortens and the only thing that can be done by the program is to literally add spaces of silence of the track the further up it goes.

      This causes the wierd effects that you get when you pitch up and keep the rhythm the same. It's a bummer but there is nothing to be done about it.

      Alternately, in ACID, you can go to the properties track of the individual loop (right click your mouse for the drop down menu); click on the GENERAL tab; chose TRACK TYPE and select LOOP; then click on the STRETCH tab and select ROOT NOTE and make sure you choose whatever pitch you want the loop to default to. This is a great feature because it allows the whole piece to transpose (every singel loop, instantaneously except for all the drum tracks who can be set to DON'T TRANSPOSE under the STRETCH settings under PROPERTIES. Does that make sense?

      Alternately when you want to stretch things, you can download and use the incredible new VST octave downpitcher called CHOPITCH ( that my good friends Matthias Grob and Andy Butler have invented and released just recently which is the best octave downpitcher on the entire market so far (and I've tried them all).

      This is a stellar way of creating interesting new tracks from high pitched percussion tracks, or thickening up a sample.

      just an addendum, for keeping fidelity the best it can in ACID when stretching loops see the next trick I'll post in a new thread.

      Good luck.

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